Five Ways to Combat Client Depression

April 5, 2012 — 1,759 views  
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When attempting to alleviate client depression, it is essential you offer your patients as many resources as possible to combat their unfavorable feelings. These five tips may help some people find a way out of their depression.

1.) Nutrition. In some instances, the food a client may be consuming could play a role in continued depression. Chronic fatigue is an indication that the body is run down, and eating processed, preserved and overcooked foods prevents the body from receiving necessary nutrients. A fresh diet may be all that it takes to jump-start the body and clear the mind.

2.) Exercise. When a client is depressed, he or she may spend excessive amounts of time inside. Taking an hour each day to dedicate to proper exercise can get the blood flowing and produce endorphins that may lift spirits. When working toward a goal, and seeing regular progress, a client may begin to feel better about him or herself again.

3.) Talking. When working with a client, make sure you are an open book and are always there to talk through thoughts and problems. The most important step is establishing yourself as someone who cares.

4.) Focus on the self. When depressed, it is important for clients to take time for themselves. If possible, advise patients to do things for themselves, explore new personal territories and dedicate time each day for self improvement.

5.) Writing. Encourage your patients to start a journal, and assign weekly tasks for them to work on. A great place to start is writing a list of 25 things he or she is grateful for - the assignment may help put life into perspective and improve spirits.