Personality Characteristics Required For Professional Social Workers

Susan Mathisen
November 22, 2012 — 1,706 views  
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A social worker, who works in the section of child and family well-being, has a physically and mentally tough job. Mistreatment in the home is a crime, handled by the Child Welfare. Police investigates the crime at home, and when the case is solved, their job is done. Social workers are needed to use their common sense, to keep themselves and the family safe. They need to make sure that the family and the child are mentally stable. For sure, the job in a situation like that is stressful, if one properly understands the stress placed upon them.

Training and education is just the start. The person allocated to examine and help families must "Know themselves." Before one can assess what is occurring with others, workers should be focused and stable in their own life. Nobody is perfect; we all have things going on in our own life. Being a social worker is a hard job that means you should always be centered in your own life, while managing your clients' life. This is a tough job which needs to be balanced.

Not only is education or training important, sometimes even an undergraduate has had more experience in this field than a licensed expert. And as with most experience, professional or otherwise, it is key. Social workers need to learn how to listen to problems, analyze them and find a viable a solution. They need to make quick decisions in hazardous situations.

The worker has to learn how to relax. Stress is one of the main causes of heart attacks which are killer diseases. In order to help others and provide solutions for them, first you need to be relaxed in your own life. Take bubble baths, do yoga or dance. Do whatever that takes the stress off you. Dealing with people's problems is a tough job, and you need to learn how to center yourself in a position that is proficient to your clients.

Settle for creating very little and providing even more. A social worker's income is not large, and just on top of fast food staff. Certainly, it is very difficult to have a Porsche or live in a large house near an island with the pay you get. To be successful in this field, you need to learn how to be emotionally mature and grow through experience. You should have a capacity to love those, who don't love themselves.

Susan Mathisen