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Negotiating Your Pay and Benefits Package

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Join us for your comprehensive guide to evaluating job offers, as well as strategic tips for conducting salary research and negotiating salary and benefits.To many therapists, whether social workers, counselors, or psychologists, don't ask for what we need when considering our salary for job offers. As therapists, we have an inherent tendency to underestimate our own financial needs. Our problematic solution is to add jobs, hours, and stress to our lives rather than better assessing our needs at the outset of salary negotiations. This topic helps therapists understand not only the importance and value of their own work, but how to translate that into a salary negotiation. The material in this course takes you through the steps to understand your needs, evaluate different types of job offers, ask for what will truly work and get it.


Danna Bodenheimer, LCSW, Walnut Psychotherapy Center

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