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The FBA-Y Approach to ADHD Diagnosis

January 30, 2014

Mental health assessment often stops with a diagnostic label that provides limited direction for treatment. Using ADHD as a simplified example (the full webinar will consider more complex diagnostic presentations), this preview segment, taken from our live upcoming webinar on March 26, 2014, will outline a deeper, more meaningful approach to assessment that will lead to enhanced treatment planning.

Supporting Students with Disabilities in Making the Transition from School to Adult Life

April 25, 2013

This segment specifically addresses issues concerning the transition planning process and stresses the importance of interagency collaboration, including the role of social workers. A smooth transition to adult services is more likely to occur if representatives from adult service agencies are included in the transition planning process as early as possible.

Assessing Older Adults for Substance Use Disorders: Special Considerations for Clinicians

January 15, 2013

Clinicians often falsely assume that assessing an older adult for substance use disorders is the same as evaluating a young adult or a middle aged adult when, in reality, there are numerous differences that are essential to consider. In this brief webinar, learn some of the key differences that people need to keep in mind when working with older adults (e.g., those over the age of 55). Consider clicking in and having a listen if you work with older adults in any capacity, whether clinically or in the community.

Recognizing and Identifying Personality Disorders

December 1, 2012

Many helping professionals tense up at the idea of treating a client with a personality disorder. Helping professionals have long viewed clients with personality disorders as the most difficult people to treat, often steering away from accepting such clients on their case loads. In this 10-minute webinar, trauma expert Dr. Jamie Marich will challenge you to change your thinking about personality disorders. By looking at personality disorders as complex manifestations of trauma, you will be able to view those with personality disorders with more compassion, treat them more effectively, and alleviate your own stress in working with these clients.