Seminar ID: 100445

Assessing Older Adults for Substance Use Disorders: Special Considerations for Clinicians

Presented By:
Jamie Marich

Dr Jamie Marich DBA Mindful Ohio

You will Learn:

  • What makes treating older adults different from treating younger cohorts
  • How assessing an older adult like a younger member of society can cause a plethora of problems
  • The "common sense" basics for making treatment individualized for older members of society
  • The essentials of taking better care of those who have spent their lives giving so much to us

Clinicians often falsely assume that assessing an older adult for substance use disorders is the same as evaluating a young adult or a middle aged adult when, in reality, there are numerous differences that are essential to consider. In this brief webinar, learn some of the key differences that people need to keep in mind when working with older adults (e.g., those over the age of 55). Consider clicking in and having a listen if you work with older adults in any capacity, whether clinically or in the community.