Seminar ID: 100546

Supporting Students with Disabilities in Making the Transition from School to Adult Life

Presented By:
David R. Johnson

University of Minnesota

You will Learn:

  • What the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) require in terms of transition planning and outside agency participation
  • What professionals should be involved in the transition planning process
  • What role can social workers play in supporting the transition planning process
  • Why it is important to plan early for the transition from school to adult life
  • How social work professionals help students and families to health address students’ needs for housing, health services, and other services needed for community living

This segment specifically addresses issues concerning the transition planning process and stresses the importance of interagency collaboration, including the role of social workers. A smooth transition to adult services is more likely to occur if representatives from adult service agencies are included in the transition planning process as early as possible.