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The Gender Paradigm: Ethical and Therapeutic Considerations in Clinical Practice

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Establish trust while maintaining a safe, relaxed environment, and discover new ways to help clients work through sensitive gender insecurities.

This ondemand course will discuss the inadequacies of the two-and-only-two sex/gender paradigm currently assumed by Western thought. It will address the problems of engaging in the fallacy of dichotomous gender when dealing with gender variant clients including both intersexed and transgender individuals. The purpose of this course is to educate the audience on the effect that this understanding of sex and gender has on us all, provide clinical understanding of the sex/gender paradigm, and to help clinicians gain a better understanding of clients that fall outside of the assumed dichotomy so that more efficacious therapy can be provided. You will walk away with an expanded view of that part of humanity referred to as, sex and gender.


Kand S. McQueen, Ph.D., Indiana State University


Sex and Gender 101: Understanding Those Who Fall Beyond Male and Female

• The Transgender Experience

- What It Is

- Society's Response to Individuals Who Are Transgendered

• The Intersex Experience

- What It Is

- What Causes It

- The Medical Management of Intersexuality

Working With Those Who Fall Outside the Dichotomy

• Establishing Trust

- Embracing the Full Spectrum of Diversity

- Listening to the Transgender Story

• Transitioning Considerations

• Networking With Other Professionals

• Relationship Issues

• Employment Issues

• The Rewards of Working With Transgender Clients