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Adolescent and Substance-Related Addictive Disorders

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Gain an understanding of adolescents' substance abuse related problems with proven techniques for assessments, treatments and therapy.

Substance use by adolescents and related problems has become one of the most pressing problems in the teenage years. The use of alcohol, marijuana, opiates and other substances of abuse by adolescents is increasingly common and management of these youth is very challenging. This ondemand webinar presents basic background information on problem substance use among adolescents and provides a critical examination of both assessment and treatment, including traditional interventions such as 12-step, AA/NA as well as newer evidenced-based therapies. You will gain an understanding of what works with adolescents and why.


Oscar G. Bukstein, M.D., M.P.H., University of Texas-Houston/Baylor College of Medicine



• Substance Use

• Substance-Related Disorders


• DSM-IV - Abuse and Dependence

• DSM5 - Substance Use Disorders


• Normal Development

• Risk Factors

• Neurobiology

• Psychiatric Comorbidity


• Screening

• Engagement

• Multidomain Assessment

• Instruments

• Drug Screens


• Principles of Treatment

• Elements of Treatment

• Psychosocial Interventions

- Traditional Approaches - 12 Step and AA/NA


- Motivational Interviewing

- Family Therapy

- Aftercare

• Psychopharmacology

- Replacement and Craving Reduction Therapies

- Comorbid Psychopathology Therapies