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Suicide: Your Responsibilities for Protecting Your Clients and the Public

OnDemand Webinar (68 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of risk assessment, risk factors, and recent research and findings in the area of suicide.Suicide is a major problem across all areas of modern life. It is the only one of the top ten causes of death that continues to rise as medicine and technology work to save lives in disease and industry. No group of people is safe from the impact to their jobs, their families and even their life savings. Many myths about suicide pervade our communities. Learning how to see who is at risk and how to improve their safety are the first steps. Making your environment at work and home safer can protect you from the loss of a loved one, a disaster at work, and the nightmare of facing a jury to justify why you failed.


James F. Hooper, M.D.


Overview of the Problem

• Myths That Confuse

- Examples

Evaluating a Potential Victim

• Sad Persons Exam

• Info on Depression

Liability Issues

• Examples of How to Ask

• Self-Rating Your Liability

• What to Do in Bad Outcomes

• Review of Legal Issues