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Best Practices in Animal-Assisted Therapy

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn the best practices for integrating animals into the therapeutic process.Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) has become a popular approach for assisting persons with emotional and mental health issues. It is vital that practitioners of AAT have sufficient understanding of ethical and efficacious practices of this modality. In this topic, a leading expert in the field of AAT defines constructs, discusses an effective model for practice, describes techniques and intentions for intervention, and delineates facilitator codes of ethics. Efficacy of AAT is explained within a scientific framework of known neuro-biological effects of human-animal interaction. This topic will provide mental health professionals with an understanding of how to effectively utilize many AAT interventions. Specific AAT techniques will be described and matched with intentional client treatment gains. Human-animal interaction dynamics will be presented within the context of real case scenarios.


Cynthia K. Chandler, Ed.D, LPC-S, MFT-S, University of North Texas


Description of Additional Psychodynamics Presented in Animal-Assisted Therapy

Scientific Explanation of the Psychosocial Impact of Human-Animal Interaction

Presentation of a Landmark Theoretical Model for Application of Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-Assisted Interventions

• Delineated Techniques

• Intentional Applications

Ethical Practice Considerations in Animal-Assisted Therapy

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