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Animal-Assisted Social Work

OnDemand Webinar (110 minutes)

Learn the best practices for integrating animals into the therapeutic process.

As the incorporation of the human-animal bond in human wellness is becoming more recognized by healthcare/human services providers and the general public, enthusiasm and curiosity about Animal Assisted Interventions (AAIs) is growing at an exponential rate. Although evidence exists that animals have been assisting human healers for centuries, the formal professionalization of the approach is relatively new. As such, much confusion and misunderstanding occurs about AAIs. This topic will help clarify the plethora of terminology and taxonomies relevant to AAIs while simultaneously helping practitioners learn how to increase professional competency relevant to AAIs so they may one day provide safe, ethical and effective AAIs in their professional work. This material is a crucial first step towards accurately understanding the clinical application of the human-animal bond in human wellness, and will prepare you to address many common pitfalls and misconceptions about the intervention.


Leslie A. Stewart, Ph.D., LPC, School of Health Professionals


Key Terms

• Defining Animal Assisted Interventions

• Differentiating Among Helper Animal Taxonomies: Therapy Animals, Service Animals, and Emotional Support Animals


• Empirically Supported Benefits and Applications

• Models of Practice and Theoretical Foundations

Best Practices

• Provider Competency

• Ethical Considerations

• Documentation and Treatment Planning

Practical Aspects

• Risk Management

• Techniques and Interventions

• Getting Started