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Stress Reduction Strategies for Teens

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn practical and powerful solutions that will help teens build stress resilience.This rapid-fire, edu-training and practical content will focus on the most central issues in understanding, preventing and mitigating stress reactions in teens. The focus will be on providing evidence-based and cost-effective strategies for (1) promoting resilience and (2) limiting the toxic impact of stress that an assortment of helping professionals can deploy across a variety of settings. Impactful strategies from both the positive psychology and clinical psychology literatures will be covered.


David Palmiter, Marywood University



Understanding and Misunderstanding Stress

Teen Perceptions and Misperceptions of Stress

Primary Interventions

• The Self-Care Tripod

• "Ghosts Are Real, Monsters Are Real Too": Externalizing the Problem

• Short Circuiting Stress: Calming, Mindfulness and Biofeedback

• Mindfulness for Sharks

• Using Truth to Trump Stress: Adaptive Thinking

• "We Don't See the World as It Is, We See the World as We Are": Using Gratitude

Adjunctive Interventions

• Crisis = Pain + Opportunity: Responding Well to Suffering

• All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Stressed Boy: Using Fun and Kindness

• The Captain America Shield: Strengths Assessment and Deployment

• Avoiding Madness: Wise Goal Formation

• Partnering With Parents

Additional Formats

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