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The Heart of Addiction: A Revolutionary New Understanding of Addiction and Its Treatment

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

This program will unveil a revolutionary new understanding of addiction and its treatment.

This new paradigm has seldom, if ever, been written about or fully detailed in any manner. Whether you are a therapist, clinician, employer, or stakeholder in this area, you will be exposed to an exciting and groundbreaking new behavioral and cognitive approach to achieving robust and sustained recovery. This will follow a general discussion of all aspects of addiction and insights into the current philosophies of treating this disease.The presenter is a recovering attorney with a master's in addiction counseling who has worked exclusively, the past nine years, with high-end seriously ill professionals at both Hazelden Betty Ford and Caron.


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• Definition

• Causes of the Disease

• Characteristics

• Risks and Threats

• Potential Legal Liability

• How to Identify - Warning Signs

Basic Continuum of Care

Current Addiction Treatment/Relapse Philosophy

New Approach to Addiction Treatment

• New Behavioral Emphasis on Work/Life Balance

- Suggestions to Achieve Work/Life Balance

• Revolutionary New Mental Approach to Recovery From Addict