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Assessing a Client's Risk for Violence

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of how formal risk assessment can significantly reduce the risk of violent outcomes and liability for those making release recommendations.Determining an individual's risk for violence is a heavy clinical burden. Many professionals are unsure and lack the confidence of how to go about answering the question of, how likely is this person to commit a violent act? You will become familiar with practice guidelines for violence risk assessment and appropriate objective measures to assess risk of violence. The challenges and utility of the models of violence risk assessment, along with evaluations, will be reviewed.


Sarah F. Shelton, PsyD, MPH, MSCP, Shelton Forensic Solutions, LLC Mariya Leyderman, PsyD, MA, Shelton Forensic Solutions, LLC



• Premise of Violence Risk Assessment

• Contexts of Violence Risk Assessment

• Utility of Violence Risk Assessment

Best Practices in Violence Risk Assessment

• Models of Violence Risk Assessment

• Guidelines for Violence Risk Assessment

• Objective Measures of Violence Risk Assessment

Application to Practice

• Efficacy of Violence Risk Assessment

• Challenges of Violence Risk Assessment

• Summary, Conclusions, and Future Directions